Sustainable Food

Learn about sourcing, cooking and eating food sustainably.

Learn about the importance of eating sustainably

We Need to Talk About FoodRead Sustainable Table’s guide to the global food system and why its current state is not sustainable.
What You Can DoRead Sustainable Table’s practical guide to achievable things you can do to
dramatically reduce your impact on the environment through how you eat.
The Slow Food Movement’s call to actionRead about the Slow Food Movement’s vision for good, clean and fair food for all.
Canberra City Farm Sustainable Living PodcastListen to the stories of people and groups promoting sustainable food in Canberra and surrounds.

Learn about sustainable and ethical shopping

Ethical Shopping PyramidRead Sustainable Table’s guide to reducing your eco footprint by altering the way you shop.
Ethical shopping guideDiscover tips from about shopping ethically.
Are You Game?Read Sustainable Table’s guide to ethical meat eating.
GoodFish Sustainable Seafood GuideRead this independent guide to commonly found seafood in Australia and how sustainable they are.
Open Food NetworkBrowse this great shopping platform for finding ethical and sustainable food from local, independent producers.
Learn about different ways to source food around CanberraCheck out Community Fed’s links to local businesses and organisations that provide access to sustainably-produced food.

Learn about eating seasonally

Eating seasonally or organic: What is better for the environment?An insightful ABC article about the importance of eating locally and seasonally for the environment.
Seasonal Food Guide AustraliaRead this guide to fresh produce seasonality in all states.
The Seasonal CookCheck out this great resource for finding recipes using seasonal food by SBS Australia.

Learn about eating out/on the go sustainably

GoodFish Sustainable Seafood Restaurants GuideUse this guide to find restaurants that source seafood sustainably.
Responsible Cafes
Use this guide to find cafes committed to reducing their ecological and carbon footprint.
BYO ContainersUse this website to find businesses that allow you to re-use, refill and BYO containers.

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