‘Love Your Local’ Pilot Program

Help consumers understand how to engage with you with a ‘Love Your Local’ Directory profile

Consumers often rely on readily available, succinct and current information to make fast and informed decisions. The ‘Love Your Local’ Directory is currently being built to help consumers find ways to sustainably source food within the Canberra/ACT food system.

‘Love Your Local’ Directory combines principles of marketing, communications and customer experience to enhance the visibility and accessibility of businesses and community groups/enterprises.

What is the ‘Love Your Local’ Pilot Program?

We understand that establishing and maintaining channels for connecting with consumers can be a big job for small food producers, retailers, community groups/enterprises like yours. Let Community Fed help you help consumers understand how to engage with you.

We create and manage ‘Love Your Local’ Directory profiles as a subscription service. Your profile will be designed to serve as a digital snapshot that communicates information like:

  • what you do/make and what makes you special
  • your background story and values
  • how consumers can buy your products or access your services
  • how consumers can contact and interact with you in-person and online
  • how consumers can get day-to-day updates about you

This information will help educate consumers who are used to the convenience of the supermarket and may not be familiar with sourcing food via alternative and more direct channels (e.g. CSA programs, co-ops, farmers’ markets, farmgates).

Check out this demo to get an idea of what your profile might look like.

By joining the ‘Love Your Local’ Pilot Program, you will help us refine our profile creation and management subscription service. To thank you for your cooperation, we will waive the initial set up fee and you’ll be able to nominate your ongoing subscription fee amount.

Benefits of the ‘Love Your Local’ service

Community Fed will do the hard work for you

We will create and manage your profile on an ongoing basis, so you don’t have to be tech or design savvy.

We will use our expertise to create your profile with consideration of what consumers want and need. We will also be considerate of your wants and needs as our client.

Consolidated online presence

Your profile will be designed to provide high-level information about your organisation and how consumers can buy your products or access your services.

We will include links to your existing digital channels (e.g. website, social media) so consumers have a clear view of all the ways they can interact with you.

If you are not able to commit to maintaining your own website, a profile can serve as an interim solution.

Community visibility

Our goal is to enhance your visibility and accessibility to consumers in a time and cost efficient way.

Canberrans seeking local food will be able to find you in the ‘Love Your Local’ Directory on the Community Fed website.

You can also distribute the direct link to your profile as you wish.


What we do for you

‘Love Your Local’ is a subscription service that includes profile creation and ongoing management.

Directory profile creation

As part of the creation process, we will provide:

  • A video/phone introduction and briefing call
  • An initial profile layout + 2 rounds of updates before your profile is published

You can be as hands on as you like. You can provide specific direction for things like wording and text/image placement. You can also leave it to us to create your profile with minimal direction from you.

Please note that to maintain consistency throughout the website, profiles are created using a template (see demo here). Custom colours and branding other than logo images cannot be used but you can request minor layout changes. As a pilot client, we invite you to give us feedback to improve the template.

As a pilot client, you will not be required to pay the initial set up fee.

Ongoing directory profile management

As part of ongoing management, we will provide:

  • 1 significant profile update per month
  • A monthly check-in to discuss feedback/suggestions, your future plans etc
  • We will monitor your other digital channels so we are in the loop with changes in your organisation

Email us when there is an update and we will action all updates in one go on a nominated date. Updates could include things like change of website/social media URLs, changes in how or where you sell your products.

We will fix typos as soon as possible without additional charge. We can also negotiate additional significant updates in response to unforeseen circumstances.

As a pilot client, you can nominate your monthly subscription fee amount. Pay what you can or what you feel is appropriate.

What we need from you

  • A brain dump of information, including links to existing digital channels and images
  • You can also provide specific text and images based on the profile template
  • As a pilot client, you will not be required to pay the initial set up fee.
  • You can nominate your monthly subscription fee amount. Pay what you can or what you feel is appropriate.


Contact us about joining the pilot program


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