Local Food Systems

Learn about sourcing food locally and through your community.

Learn about the importance of local food systems

Infographic: Resilient Food Supply ChainHow does local food fit into an ideal food supply chain? Learn more in this infographic from Foodprint Melbourne.
Capital Food and Fibre StrategyFollow the ACT Government’s project about building sustainable rural and urban agriculture systems.

Learn about local/community-oriented food supply models

Enabling Sustainable Food Systems – Innovator’s Handbook by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Read this extensive resource about leading initiatives to grow, share, sell and consume more sustainable food in local contexts.
Farmers and Foodies Working TogetherWatch this fantastic webinar by Open Food Network about how communities can work together to build strong regional food distribution.
Co-operativesRead this introduction to the food co-operative model and its different forms.
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)Read this introduction to the community supported agriculture model and how it benefits producers and community members.

Learn about local/community-oriented food movements

Incredible EdibleLearn about the Incredible Edible vision for creating kind, confident and connected communities through the power of food.
The Food is Free ProjectRead about this worldwide movement of people growing and sharing food freely through community gardens and share tables.
How to Start a Food is Free ProjectRead this simple guide with initial considerations for starting a Food is Free project in your own neighbourhood.
Grow FreeRead about Grow Free – a grassroots movement that promotes a sustainable culture of growing and sharing food amongst neighbours.
Falling FruitBrowse this crowdsourced map for urban foragers seeking to save otherwise-wasted fruit from local trees.

Learn about different ways to source food around Canberra

Weekly/monthly produce boxes
Southern Harvest Produce BoxesRead about buying fresh, local produce through a program that aims to connect farmers and eaters as directly as possible.
Patchwork Urban Farm Produce BoxesThis community-oriented urban farm based in Canberra provides chemical-free, hyper-local produce grown in under-utilised yards and verge spaces. Weekly veggie boxes are available October to May.
Food for Change Produce BoxesRead about Food For Change’s monthly fresh food boxes, which are helping to alleviate food insecurity in Australia.
The Food Co-op Fresh Produce BoxesRead about buying your weekly fruit and veg from The Food Co-op.
Buy fresher food for less with Box DivvyReduce food costs, packaging and food waste by buying your fresh produce and groceries through Box Divvy – a network of food cooperatives that are changing the way we think about shopping.
Find a Box Divvy HubFind a Box Divvy Hub in Canberra.
Alternative retail
How to shop at The Food Co-opRead about how to shop ethically and sustainably through this community-run store that strives to provide food for people, not for profit.
Order in bulk at The Food Co-opRead about buying bulk products from The Food Co-op. Perhaps you might want to consider collaborating with your neighbours to lower costs and reduce packaging.
Community food initiatives
Join a Canberra Organic Growers Society Garden
COGS community gardens provide a great way to learn about organic gardening, grow fruit and vegetables for you and your family and connect with fellow gardeners. Read about applying for a plot at a COGS garden and start exercising your (organic) green thumb!
Join Canberra City FarmCanberra City Farm has a number of allotments of various sizes that members can rent on an annual basis to grow their own food. Read about how to apply for an allotment and what is involved in having one.
Find a community food initiative in CanberraCommunity Fed’s Canberra Community Food Map shows grassroots initiatives that aim to make food available to all and address food insecurity issues. Use this map to find ways to access or donate food within your neighbourhood.

Learn about how food is produced around Canberra

Pialligo Estate Farm Tours Book an immersive learning experience at Pialligo Estate. Explore the Olive Grove, Orchard and Market Garden as part of your tour.

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