Learn about producing food at home or within your neighbourhood.

Learn about producing food at home

Attend an educational event at Canberra City FarmBrowse events about a range of topics from Vegie Garden Planning to Food Preserving.
Attend a workshop at Canberra Environment Centre Learn about ways you can eat sustainably by producing food at home.
Seasonal Planting Calendar

Autumn Planting Guide
Winter Planting Guide
Spring Planting Guide

Summer Planting Guide
Use these guides from Canberra Organic Growers Society to plan your garden.

Meet and collaborate with other home growers

Join a group of passionate home growers at The Urban Homesteading Club (Canberra & Surrounds)Join this Facebook group for people who are interested in backyard/urban farming and making self-sustainable choices.
Swap your homegrown produce through Crop Swap CanberraJoin this Facebook group that provides an online space for people to come together, reduce food waste and help each other eat better, at a lesser cost. In the group, you can swap excess produce and fairly barter with like-minded home growers.
Join a Canberra Organic Growers Society GardenCOGS community gardens provide a great way to learn about organic gardening, grow fruit and vegetables for you and your family and connect with fellow gardeners.
Join Canberra City FarmCanberra City Farm runs lots of great activities for members and non-members.

Source bits and pieces for your home garden

Visit Herb Station AmarooVisit this community garden where you can donate/pick up/swap garden pots (don’t forget to sample some of the herbs growing there too!)
Find, gift and trade garden items at Buy Nothing Garden ACTJoin this Facebook group for finding, gifting and trading plants, seeds, garden equipment and gardening advice within the ACT.

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